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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Recommendations for Other Therapists:

While I do carry a waitlist, I also encourage you to call other qualified therapists rather than wait.  Each colleague on this list should be welcoming to clients of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Therapy is a very personal process.  You must choose for yourself which therapist feels right for you and your family. Please take the time to google your therapist's credentials, to research and to interview your new therapist for education, expertise, style and fit. 


Alcohol and Marijuana Addiction:

1) Brett Kennedy, PsyD

2) Julianna Rohs, LMFT3) Boulder Alcohol Education Center

4) Center for Change, Boulder, CO



1) Cathy Cohen, PhD2) Laurie Friedman, PhD

3) Kari Fraser, PhD4) Jenny Hecht, LCSW

5) Beth Levin, MA (Denver)6) Elizabeth Olson, LSCW, PsyD

7) Jackie Schwarz, PhD


Adult Individual Psychotherapy:

1) Colleen Erhnsrtom, PhD2) Kari Fraser, PhD
3) Suzanne Holmes, EdD

4) Brett Kennedy, PsyD

5) Beth Levin, MA (Denver)6) Amy Robertson, PhD7) Elyse Morgan, PhD

8) Nicol Pate, LCSW9) Brenda Ramer, RN, MA10) Sue Schimmel Cooper, PhD (Denver)



1) Jean Leonard, PsyD


Child Play Therapy:

1) Laurie Friedman, PhD

2) Kari Fraser, PhD3) Emily Kean, PsyD4) Patricia Kelly, MA

5) Jackie Schwarz, PhD

6) Andy Yang, MA


Couples Counseling:

1) Julie Colwell, PhD

2) Deb Dusansky, MA

3) Lisa Hall, LMFT, MA4) Suzanne Holmes, EdD5) Nicol Pate, LCSW

6) Julianna Rohs, LMFT7) Brenda Ramer, RN, MA


Diet and Nutrition:

1) Diana Walley, MNT



1) Keith Andresen, LPC

2) Nicol Pate, LCSW


Partners of Sex Addicts:

1) Wendy Conquest, MA2) Brett Kennedy, PsyD

3) Jill Manning, PhD, LMFT



1) Teri Carlson, MD

2) Marcy Cooper, MD

3) William Wenekor, MD



1) Neil Rosen, PsyD


Sex Addiction:

1) Brett Kennedy, PsyD

2) Wendy Conquest, MA


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